Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 855 processor for 5G phones

At 3:00 am on December 5, Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit was held in Hawaii, USA. At the meeting, Qualcomm released its next-generation flagship chip, the Snapdragon 855. Specifically, the Snapdragon 855 has greatly improved its AL performance and supports 5G .

Based on the 7nm process technology, the Snapdragon 855 is manufactured by TSMC and finally stands on the same starting line with the Apple A12 Bionic and Kirin 980. it also integrates an independent NPU (Neural Network Unit).

It is said that the Snapdragon 855 integrates the world's first commercial solution supporting on-screen ultrasonic fingerprints - Qualcomm 3D acoustic wave sensor , which will be launched on a number of commercial flagship phones in early 2019, bringing users more precise Fingerprint recognition.

In addition,  Qualcomm has only said that the chip will provide “up to three times the AI performance compared to the previous generation mobile platform,” and it will add a new dedicated computer vision processor (handy for intelligent cameras). “It will recognize who and what you’re capturing,” says Qualcomm Snapdragon boss Alex Katouzian.

During the three-day summit, Qualcomm will announce the specific specifications of the Snapdragon 855 chip. For more details, please pay attention to 87870 .

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