Arena of Valor Will Launch AR Camera

According to the Tencent's official announcement, the new version of Arena of Valor in China will bring AR camera . The AR camera entry is located in the hero interface. You can choose your favorite hero and skin for AR photo.

After starting the AR camera, long press the screen to place the hero model in the scene captured by the camera. It is worth noting that you can use the camera lens to scan the plane where you want to place the model before placing the model, so that your favorite hero model can be summoned more accurately. 

In addition, the user can adjust the photo filter, the beauty effect, and the light direction of the model according to their own requirements. After the filming, they can share the photos of themselves and the heroes to the platform of friends and other platforms.

However, the AR camera is currently only available for some mobile phone models, as follows:

iOS:iphone7, iphone7 Plus,iphone 8,iphone 8 Plus,iphone X,iphoneXS,iphoneXR,iPad,IPad Pro.

Android: OPPO open models are R15 (including Dream and Normal), R17, R17 PRO.

In addition, the official website also revealed that the new hero Li Xin will officially debut on November 22, it is expected that AR cameras will also be online.

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