StarVR Announces Stock Market Retreat in Taiwan

StarVR was first listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on April 23 for the Emerging Technologies Index. The stock started at around $ 2.20, hit $ 4.10 in the summer and is currently around $ 1.90. The delisting will be discussed at a shareholder meeting on December 27th.

StarVR is a joint venture of the hardware manufacturer Acer and the software studio Starbreeze. The latter holds a 33 percent stake in StarVR and owns the brand and technology rights to the StarVR One high-end VR glasses , the successor to the first Star VR glasses.

StarVR launched the StarVR One and StarVR One XT today during the Siggraph conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.Highlights of the device include an integrated eye-tracking system and the wide field of view of up to 210 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically.

StarVR cites the current state of the virtual reality industry and the future strategic direction of the company as a reason for the stock market retreat . The withdrawal was decided by the Supervisory Board, who hoped the maneuver would provide more "entrepreneurial flexibility". The additional proceeds from the IPO would not be needed at present.

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