The Future of Jaunt Is AR? How Jaunt China Reply?

On October 15th, Jaunt posted a blog post titled "The future of Jaunt is AR" on the official account of Medium. In the article, Jaunt announced a significant layoff and reduced VR-related business, and in the future they will shift their focus to the AR field.

Jaunt is the largest startup in the VR film and television industry. It raised more than $100 million in financing from Disney, CMC, SMG and other entertainment giants around 2016, and released Jaunt One, the world's most professional video-level VR camera, and immersive content platform——Jaunt XR.

Since Jaunt's parent company have made the strategic adjustment, how will it affect Jaunt China, which has just been established for one year and a half?

Jaunt China said: "Jaunt America is one of our shareholders. Originally our business and VR platform were connected with them. But with Jaunt China's deep understanding of the Chinese market, we decided to focus on VR LBE. And the United States is gradually shifting the focus to the XR platform and augmented reality. These are our respective business needs."

Regarding whether Jaunt China will lay off employees like Jaunt America, a spokesperson of the company said: "Our recruitment plans in the future will not change."

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