Wangfujing Commercial Street Released VR Shopping Map

Wangfujing Commercial Street released a new version of "Wangfujing Consumption Map" yesterday. Over the past two months, 100 brands and merchants have stood out through self-recommendation, consumer voting and two rounds of expert review. The new version of the consumer map uses VR technology,users could scan the code to check the products.

After nearly two years of large-scale upgrading, today's Wangfujing Commercial Street is no longer limited to commodity consumption and international brand. The fashion event, art exhibition and the “word of mouth”store favored by young consumers inject a new commercial energy into Wangfujing.

In 2016, Wangfujing released the consumer map for the first time. The new version of the map also included the "Top Ten Beijing Seals" in the old version. 100 brands, merchants and 10 Beijing imprints cover the functions of the Wangfujing business district, allowing consumers to hang through Wangfujing.

In addition, the new version adds VR maps. When consumers enter the Wangfujing business district for the first time, they can receive the "Wangfujing Consumption Map" in the WeChat. Click to enter the VR map, you can use the function of "Panorama View" to know the storefront information in advance, and you can navigate to it.

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